Make your Teen Thrive in life - Designed for Teens
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Guarantee Your Child's Path to Success through a Scientifically Proven Growth Mindset and Social-Emotional Learning Framework Video

99.7% of Parents in our survey confessed that they feel unsure about being able to prepare their children for a fast-changing world.

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Free Emotional Well Being Kit for Teenagers worth ₹7500

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How will this course help them?

Bringing out the best of your child’s capabilities needs higher focus on their mental and emotional development. Thrive is "India's only revolutionary course for teenagers" based on an internationally proven mental, emotional and social framework that empowers them to be future ready. This course is aimed to equip your child with a growth mindset and essential life skills for a constantly evolving society, to forge a path that is most fulfilling for them. Our research based course helps your child to automatically gain an advantage that puts them on the front seat to success in this fast-paced and dynamic world.

What will your child learn?

Cultivate growth mindset similar to high achievers and top performers

Ulitize scientifically - backed methods for goal setting and achievment

Tackle challenges with resilience of champions

Identify and leverage individual strengths effectively

Know weaknesses and strategize for improvement

Understanding emotions and effectively managing them

Managing stress proactively and constructively

Enhance the ability to assess people better

Embrace lessons from setbacks and rejections

Foster self-belief to enhance the prospect of success

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Free Emotional Well Being Kit for Teenagers worth ₹7500

Teenagers love us

We have perfect and step by step methods as a solution for all these problems.



Based on international recognized CASEL framework

Accessible on Laptop, Desktop and Mobile

Focuses on progressive behavioural change

Self paced online course

Pre-recorded videos with US based trainers, Animations, Exercises, Assesments

Built in chat for students to clear doubts with our experts

Developed by team of leading educators and Psychologist of USA and India with combined experience of 100+ years

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Free Emotional Well Being Kit for Teenagers worth ₹7500

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the details regarding date and time of the workshop on the top of the page.
This will be a live session with more of demonstration kind of with interation and doubt solving at the end of the session.
No, as this is live session workshop on the weekend. So you have to reserve your time for the workshop.
No, you can only attend the live session.
After completing this workshop we will mail you the link of the course.
If you practoce those techniques and implement on your drawings definitely your drawings will look more attractive and will attract commissioned orders.
Yes, the workshop includes complete demonstration with the exploration.

Teenagers Transformation Journey

Founders Note

Shruti Verma


Founder's note During one of my trips to London, I was invited for a dinner by a dear friend who also happens to be a leading Psychologist in UK. The guest at the dinner were some of the most learned names in Education, Behavioural science and Psychology. The dinner table soon turned into place of enthusiastic discussion about self-made millionaires and how some people irrespective of their family and education background are able to turn their life around. The essence of that discussion was that while genes, education, financial background do play some role but majority of it is a person's mindset and social emotional life skills - How they look at themselves and the world around. I also learnt in that discussion that adolescence/ teenage is the best time to incorporate these to get maximum results.

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Free Emotional Well Being Kit for Teenagers worth ₹7500