How FLOURISH transforms your life?

Transitioning to a professional life from college is a difficult phase in a young adult's life. Skills needed to succeed in a career are different from academic life. By knowing what kind of traits and skills employers are looking for, one can build those skills. We have done the hard work for you based on reputed reports from the World Economic Forum, OECD, UNICEF, and other industry research. We have identified the mental, social, and emotional skills that employers are keen to see in their future leaders. These skills are so important that they are called essential skills of the 21st Century. Take the guesswork out of your success story by focusing on where it gives results. Multiply the chances of success by making small tweaks in those mindsets and learning essential life skills which contribute the most to your growth.

Our Course is designed to bring holistic growth and impact following areas of learner

Achievement Orientation

Mental Well-Being


Cognitive Flexibility

Creative & Critical Thinking

People Management

Emotional Intelligence

Judgement & Decision Making

Average number of times your generation will change careers


The average number of times your generation will change careers 


Learn the Power skills which will make you always ahead in an ever-changing employment landscape

What are an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century essential life skills?

An entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking that enables people to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings. Whereas 21st-century life skills ( which are also known as soft skills, social-emotional skills, 21st-century essential skills, power skills, noncognitive skills, and work readiness skills) are behaviour and skills that drive well-measured actions and make the most out of your life. Together they aid in building a flourishing life.

An entrepreneurial mindset combined with 21st-century essential life skills makes one unstoppable. It allows individuals to have better control over their lives and enhance their chances of success manifold.

Common characteristics among individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century life skills

Why Are Advanced Economies, International Organizations, and Leading Global Education Institutions Focusing on Developing Entrepreneurial Mindsets and 21st Century Life Skills among Young Adults?

Salient Features of FLOURISH

Brings behavioral change

A life skill program is successful only if it brings behavioural change

Anytime, anywhere

Our online course is accessible on laptop, desktop or mobile


Start your entrepreneurial mindset development course instantly

Byte-sized video content

Our videos are byte sized to ensure higher retention

Assessments and activities

Built-in quizzes and activities to ensure reinforcement

Based on 
industry research

The course is designed keeping in mind the trends in the industry 

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