Guarantee Your Child's Path to Success through a Scientifically Proven Growth Mindset and Social-Emotional Learning Framework

Teenage has transformative power. Investing just 15 Minutes per day for the next 50 days will ensure academic success, better mental health, healthy social life, and lifelong career growth.

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How can you help them THRIVE?

Bringing out the best of your child’s capabilities needs higher focus on their mental and emotional development. THRIVE helps your child to automatically gain an advantage that puts them on the front seat to success in this fast-paced and dynamic world.

It is "India's only evolutionary course for teenagers" based on an internationally proven mental, emotional and social framework that empowers them to be future ready. This course is aimed to equip your child with a growth mindset and essential life skills for a constantly evolving society, to forge a path that is most fulfilling for them.

99.7% of parents in our survey confessed that they feel unsure about being able to prepare their children for a fast-changing world.

What does THRIVE help with?

Teenage is a stage of life where they go through an incredible amount of changes internally and externally that lead towards adulthood. THRIVE empowers your child with essential skills to flourish in life with emotional intelligence, set positive goals and achieve them, have and express empathy towards others, build positive relationships, and make responsible decisions, giving them a competitive advantage in their personal and professional growth. With Thrive, your child is equipped with

Healthy perspective about self, others, and situations


Self Management

Social Awareness & Relationships

Achievement Orientation

Responsible decision making

Why is Social Emotional Learning important during teenage years?

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How does THRIVE transform your teenager’s life?

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What will be the learnings from this course?

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Salient Features of THRIVE


Built on internationally recognised social and emotional learning frameworks.

Vetted by Psychologists

Practising psychologists have thoroughly evaluated the course to ensure quality.

Interactive Visual Format

Lessons are provided in multiple engaging formats, ranging from videos, tool kits, exercises and more.

Influences Behavioural Changes

Our approach is inspired by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy that brings long-term behavioural change.

Self-Paced Online Course

Immediate access to courses which your child can learn at a speed they are comfortable with.

Accessible on Laptop and Mobile

Easy access from all devices, giving your child the ease to learn from anywhere with their schedules.

Founder's note

During one of my trips to London, I was invited for a dinner by a dear friend who also happens to be a leading Psychologist in UK. The guest at the dinner were some of the most learned names in Education, Behavioural science and Psychology. The dinner table soon turned into place of enthusiastic discussion about self-made millionaires and how some people irrespective of their family and education background are able to turn their life around. The essence of that discussion was that while genes, education, financial background do play some role but majority of it is a person's mindset and social emotional life skills - How they look at themselves and the world around. I also learnt in that discussion that adolescence/ teenage is the best time to incorporate these to get maximum results. 

Imagine what impact it will do to an individual, country or a society if the young impressionable minds have progressive mindset and life skills to unlock their true potential. That was the starting point of building this course where we bring proven frameworks in easy to understand way to Teenagers. In no time we were joined by eminent educationist, Behavioural science experts, Psychologist and Content developers who made this course a reality.

 I would like express gratitude to all those parents who believed in us and enrolled their kids. The hundreds of messages which we receive every week from our students and their happy parents about the positive impact this course has brought on their confidence level and self-esteem makes all this worthwhile.

- Shruti Verma

Teenagers love us

Shrestha V
Madhya Pradesh, 12th Standard

I have recently made it to a top global university for under graduation. In Last two years I implemented the strategies mentioned in this course which filled me with positive mindset. Their section on accomplishments helped me make my goals a reality. Everyone should do this course.

Sana A
Karnataka, 11th Standard

Thrive made me realise few things about myself and why I lacked confidence. It helped me work on those areas. I am happy that I did it before finishing my Schooling so that I can be a more confident person in my college life. I feel more assured about myself and my ability to manage any situation which comes my way during my college years and later

Neoloy G
Rajasthan, 11th Standard.

This course is gold mine of practical knowledge. All the topics are highly relevant. I have recommended it to all my close friends. I thank the Thrive team for creating this brilliant course. There is no other course like this which is so relevant to Teenagers. Must do!

Kritika P
Delhi, 10th Standard

My favourite topic was external validation. This topic changed a lot for me. I stopped being a people pleaser. When that happened, I was taken more seriously and treated respectfully by my family and friends. I would give 5 stars to this course.

Anant R
Tamil Nadu, 10th Standard

After doing this course I understood that achieving your goals is a step by step approach. It is not a single day thing. Now I know where to focus to be successful. After doing this course I feel less anxious about my future.

Shounak S
Chhattisgarh, 9th Standard

I have made notes from the “Tools” section and refer it every now and then. It helped me in performing much better in class and also in various competitions. For me, eye opening topic was “how to deal with negative emotions”. I have made my bother also do this course. 😊

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